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Camping tips: Taking your dog camping with you

by Donna Thacker guest author

[Editor's note: Donna is a freelance writer and hosts My Widows Web]

For a lot of us dog lovers, taking poochie camping with us is as natural as taking our children. Doggy is a part of the family and we would never think of leaving him or her behind, or boarding them in a kennel while we go off to enjoy ourselves. Our loving family pet deserves to go on a little vacation, and enjoy "family time" as well as we do.

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Camping with your pet can be an enjoyable time so long as you are prepared for anything that comes along. First and most important, your family pet should be up to date on their shots and vet check ups. Don't take them camping if they aren't feeling well either. Sometimes dogs feel a little "under the weather" just like we do, and just want to lounge around at home.

If your dog is good and healthy and raring to go, that's great. Now you'll have to make sure to accommodate his every need, just like you do at home. Be sure to pack plenty of his favorite food and treats in zip lock bags to keep them fresh and dry. Also pack his food dishes and a couple favorite toys. Doggy will feel more at ease having his own things along.

Other doggy necessities you will need are: brush and comb, disposable doggy wipes, old towels (just in case of rain!) I also suggest ear and eye wash solutions, because you just never know what these guys can get into. It's also a good idea to have your vet's phone number packed in the "doggy bag," in case of an emergency... keep reading

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