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Campground reviews: Cheerful Valley Campground of Phelps, NY

by Jim Bessey editor

Beautiful scenery, a wide choice of campsites, and a friendly family atmosphere make Cheerful Valley a fine choice for western NY camping. Our Rating: * * * * (of five)
happy campers meet at Cheerful Valley campground

Down by the winding banks of the Canandaigua Outlet, in a lush little valley east of Phelps NY, lies a pleasant family-owned camping resort named, appropriately, Cheerful Valley Campground. It's a twisty, grassy, shady glen filled with big trees and a wonderful variety of campsites. Located just off the New York State Thruway near Exit 42 and centered between Lyons, Geneva and Waterloo -- Cheerful Valley attracts visitors from all over the United States. Campers will find everything from swimming and fishing, to horseshoes and volleyball, to music and movies in this quiet rural getaway.

Carl and Peg Carlson, 2nd-generation owners, took over day-to-day management about five years ago. They've been adding improvements ever since. This year, we found a brand new round-log play area next to the newly renovated pool. Utilities have been upgraded, and the grounds look fantastic. About one third of the more than 150 campsites are rented full-time by campers who take very good care of their sites. Plenty of open lots await weekend and vacation visitors.

There's room for no-hook-up tenters, pull-through motor homes, pop-ups and trailers, and plenty of choices for larger groups (with advance reservations). Cheerful Valley even includes two rental cabins situated between the main office and the pool area. The terrain varies from hilly or terraced to shady meadow, and from somewhat secluded to open and festive. A range of full-service sites are scattered throughout the campground, so that campers aren't confined to specific areas dictated by their choice of accommodations. Two sets of modern restrooms and hot showers are provided.

The campground follows the curve of a lush valley leading down to an wide bend on the Canandaigua Outlet... keep reading

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  1. Thanks for the great review, it looks like wonderful place to visit! One of my favorite campgrounds is the Grandview Campground near Big Pine, CA. If you love star gazing this is the place to go! At night it seems like the stars fill the entire sky. There are no reservations and the fees for camping are donation only. Pplus, It's never been crowded when I have been there.


  2. Turns out this is where we're going for the 4th of July weekend. See you there?

  3. I wish someone could tell me how hot the camping cabins are there in July? They have no AC but do have fans.