"We like camping better!" --Raymond Alexander Kukkee

view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

Six fantastic reasons to go camping

camping at KOA with our Shasta trailer
  • No bills to pay on the table
  • We leave the To-Do list home
  • I can read a book if I want to
  • We can make a big fire and just watch the flames
  • I can stay up late with no TV
  • Flame-toasted marshmallows. Need I say more?
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  1. It is indeed a lot of fun to stay up late outdoors watching the flames of a strong fire crackle.

  2. Glad you stopped by, Jesse.

    Coffee's hot and the fire's just right. Drop in any time, and be sure to bring along some of your great writing advice.


  3. Also, you can sing and play the guitar and it doesn't matter ...

  4. Chris: yes you sure can! I can't sing well or play the guitar, but I love it when someone in a nearby campsite provides free entertainment.