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view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

Our Thanksgiving deer return for dessert

four deer frolick by our back deck
After this morning's visit from four local does, the little deer herd bedded down in a nearby thicket, and we returned to our Thanksgiving preparations. A few hours later our neighbor, Jane, called to tell us the deer were out again and boldly munching on fallen apples next door.

three deer head for the garden
As we watched through our sliding glass door, the hungry foursome wandered casually over into our back yard. They frolicked together for a couple minutes, then spied some delicious goodies in our smaller garden (the one we've all but given up on). As they sampled the treats found there and in the pine tree hedge, the does approached to less than five yards away.

three does try the garden greens
We moved to the bedroom window for a better view. I grabbed the camera again, took some more still pictures, and then shot a couple videos, too. I'm sure they knew we were right there behind the glass, but they were hungry and unconcerned. This morning's thaw removed a two-week ground-cover of snow, revealing all sorts of tasty deer food.

two deer watch us watching them
The largest doe was the boldest, once again. She preferred to snack on something yummy she found in our pine trees, just beneath the bedroom window. She looked right at me several times, then continued munching casually each time. After an hour or so the four deer headed back up the hill to see what other Thanksgiving delights were available.

Here's one of the videos I captured as two of the does got really close:

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These same four deer visited us this morning. See more deer pictures taken near Whitney Road in Fairport earlier this year.

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Happy Thanksgiving! ~Jim


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