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view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

No, we didn't have venison for Thanksgiving dinner

doe peeks over the back deck railing
We had four unexpected guests on Thanksgiving morning. They arrived early and unannounced, but kept mostly to themselves. Their manners were impeccable. We didn't get their names. They wandered around in the back yard, nibbling on the garden greenery and posing for a few pictures before they bedded down in our neighbor's hedgerow.

three does nibble on the garden greenery
Three does sample our garden's bounty.

two does stay close to the hedgerow
One doe poses while the other finds a succulent treat just beneath the snow.

the smallest doe acts as lookout
The smallest of the four deer keeps a watchful eye.

largest doe also the boldest
The largest doe was also the bravest, lingering just a few yards away from our balcony deck. She didn't eat much, but she seemed hungry for a visit and some gossip.

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Happy Thanksgiving! ~Jim

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