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What's in your Writer's Toolbox?

a writer's toolbox perhaps? by Amanda Sugden guest author

You want to be a real writer. Or maybe you just want better grades. But you don’t know where to start. It’s ok. I didn’t either. But I can tell you now one great way to start: build your toolbox.

Great writing doesn’t come naturally. It’s an art, a skill to be learned and refined. Every great writer has his own tools. Even if you just want to make it through college papers, you’ll need your own tools. You can pick up any of these cheaply at your nearest used bookstore, or at websites like half.com. Here are my suggestions:


Reprinted by permission from Amanda Sugden, author of My Writing Help


  1. egg so lent advice Jim. I am trying to build a resource toolbox. Writing is a thrill and satisfying.

    Don't forget to email me some stories. Text form is good.


  2. Hi Missy, I take no credit at all - this one's from Amanda. Her My Writing Help site is delightful, so I wanted to share it.

    I won't forget about the stories. Thanks for your offer!