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view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

Lake George weekend without the camper

south beach Lake George We thought of towing our camper to Lake George for our final summer weekend trip; but at ten MPG and four dollars a gallon it just didn't make sense. We chose instead to spend our money on an in-village room at a hotel with a pool.

The weather was perfect and Lake George was booming. We ended up settling for a suite and begged the manager to waive the two-night minimum. He did. We got an unexpected bonus, in addition to having a living room and kitchen: the hotel had an outdoor ping-pong table! The boys loved it, and spent a couple hours in fierce competition.

We walked the whole resort from north to south, saw a vintage boat show, ate a meal overlooking the lake, and visited the 100-mile view peak just west of the village. The kids enjoyed a surprisingly scary spook house tour, and we all played mini golf at the "site of the oldest miniature golf course in the USA." My oldest son won the round.

lake George village from summit I'll post a free plug for the resort hotel: we stayed at O'Sullivan's on the lake. It was an older venue with dated decor, but otherwise very nice. I'd stay there again without hesitation. The days of hauling our 19-foot Shasta on 500-mile trips may well be over. Then again, our camper offers neither pool nor ping-pong table. Any way we can get to Lake George for a vacation is fine with me.


  1. JIm
    Glad you enjoyed your recent trip to LG. Next time you visit please be sure to check out our website and also visit our main office where there are lots of discount coupons for things to do, restaurants and shopping. I know how you feel about the MPG's with your trailer. I have a Class A which has me second-guessing some trips as well.
    Luisa Sherman, Exec. Dir.
    Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce. www.lakegeorgechamber.com

  2. Thanks for visiting and reading, Luisa!

    Any time you want a booster for Lake George, you just ring me up. We love it there, and have never had a disappointing visit to your bustling resort.


  3. Jim,

    O'Sullivan's? I thought you guys were staying at Marine Village. The picture is great and it makes me want to come back up to my childhood vacation spot. Who knows? Maybe in the Fall.


  4. We tried, Kat! Our favorite resort hotel was all full up for the weekend, so we checked the next six or seven places until we found one we could afford.