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Camping trips: How to avoid clashes with your spouse and children

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee guest author

[Editor's note - Raymond is a prolific writer and Helium site steward]

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You can hardly wait. The children are excited . Your hard-working urban family is about to embark on an adventure of camping, the annual idyllic migration to freedom, nature and the magic of fresh air. You envision fun in the sun, relaxation, and the enjoyment of breath-taking scenery with beautiful sunsets and smooth sailing. You intend to enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, and best of all, peace and quiet.

On a camping trip, enjoyment and relaxation is the whole idea, but how do you keep it that way? How do you avoid clashes with your spouse and children while camping?


It may not be immediately evident that a primary cause of clashes during camping is failure to correlate and adjust expectations when planning a camping trip. A reasonable compromise on the type of camping trip you are taking, may be wisdom at it's finest.

Expectations of eight-year old twins with dreams of living in little tents and fishing all day may not be easily equated to the dream destiny of a sophisticated sixteen-year old teenaged girl or her mother. They may want to go camping, but only if they can be assured...

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Reprinted by permission from Raymond Alexander Kukkee, all rights reserved 2009.
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