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Writing tips: Should I use "your" or "you're"?

by Amanda Sugden guest author

[Editor's note - Amanda is a freelance editor and author of My Writing Help]

One of the most common problems in the English language is the use of contractions. They are supposed to make life a little easier, but it seems that they don’t do much more than confuse. The case of your vs. you’re is a classic example.

your or you're? This is a real sign, Farmington NY I have said that the easiest way for me to remember the difference between two similar words is to focus on the meaning and use of one. If it’s not the one, then it must be the other. I’ll give you the meaning and use of both, and try to emphasize one to help you remember.

“Your” is possessive. When I use the word, I’m talking about something that belongs to you, or an attribute of you.

Example: Your cat is a beautiful calico.

“You’re” is a contraction. They say repetition is the key to memory: YOU’RE IS A CONTRACTION. [continued]

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Reprinted by permission from Amanda Sugden, author of My Writing Help

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Wondering how this article relates to Camping? Well, for me, I do all my best writing early in the morning while I'm sitting under my camper's awning watching the sun come up and drinking the day's first cup of coffee. And yes, it's also the best time to makes lots of typo's. What's your best time and place for letting the creative juices flow?


  1. when I saw that sign at a local gas station, I just had to come and find you for a reprint, Amanda! Your the best, and I love you're work.

    ;-) ~Jim

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