"We like camping better!" --Raymond Alexander Kukkee

view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

Yes, you can come home again!

It's been months since I've visited my own place. Oh, I've been busy! We moved! We bought a house, spent half the summer weekends camping, reconstructed an entire front garden, and sent a daughter off to college. Installed some cabinets, wired some circuits, cleaned-out our new garage. And worked! Kitchens, baths, shower-doors--no rest for the weary a-tall. Excuses, all. So I'm back now, in my own little space. This is just my toe, wedged into the doorway. I see dusty furniture here, cobwebs, and smell musty air. Time to open a few windows, pull the covers off the sofa and chairs, spread some fresh sheets on the bed, and light a candle or two.

I haven't decided yet what approach I'll take to this section of my Blog-world. I have some many new avenues to explore here. We have broadband now: like jumping off an old steam locomotive and into a first-class seat on the new Airbus! I've discovered the amazing world of instant access to brand new music and videos. (Yup, I even have rubber tires on my steam tractor, too!) I left the crowded land of Amazon.com (temporarily) to the bright green pastures of Paperback Swap--five stars and my complete endorsement there. I liked to talk about music before, and I've been reading since I could talk (just about, anyway); so those are two interests I'm sure to continue writing about here.

I'd like to include some more "comedy," or musings? I do enjoy spouting off my personal opinions, too. (Who doesn't?) So I'll probably keep that going, as well. The most important part of writing, be it Blog or whatever medium, is just to DO IT! (Thanks for that, Nike ad guys and girls!) So I'll do it. One way or another. As my friend John pointed out, just the other day, our minds are always thinking about stuff. It's good to write any of that "stuff" down sometimes. Before our aging, seive-like minds forget. And so I will. Write. Stuff, down. It's good for the soul. And bloody good exercise for the fingers, too!

Onward from there... --Jim, Sept 14, 2006.

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