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Books - Books - Books!

It's a brand new year (2006), the usual time for resolutions. No exception here, friends. My library overflows, occupying valuable space in my humble abode. (I've always wanted to find a way to say humble abode somewhere.) So we talked it over; and the cat can stay, but the books need to find loving homes. Not all of them, of course! Laws, no! M-O-O-N spells "I'm keeping all the out-of-print John D. MacDonald paperbacks." And the hardcovers, too. And the "just-in-case" duplicates of the older Travis McGee novels. And the Jeffrey Archer short story collections, all three (four?) of them.

The rest can go, however. With-in reason. I'm using Amazon.com's Marketplace system, which is reasonably friendly for small, independent sellers. Plus, with nine years' experience there, it seems a trustworthy place. Now, all I have to do is prove that I am trustworthy, too! (Building a background of Buyer Feedback takes time, like all good things.) I have no intention of competing with the Penny Merchants (high-volume sellers who may or may not be dependable). What I do intend is to provide the best personal service I can offer. I love my books, and want everyone who ends up with one of them to be happy with his or her purchase. That's reasonable, isn't it?

If you have come here from one of my listings, please feel free to stay awhile. This is me, here, on this Blog. Read my Profile, leave me a Comment, or send me an email. Or simply browse my posts for the fun of it. Then go back, and see if I have a book you like. Please! And always, always remember to leave Feedback when you buy at Amazon--from me, or any of the other reputable sellers there. We all rely on your goodwill. Thanks for stopping by! Oh, yeah, just disregard the date shown for this Post: it's simply a method to keep this article at the top of the page! [Jim Bessey, Spencerport NY, 10 Jan 2006]

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