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Trying to Catch Up!

Once you get behind, there really isn't any catching up. So I won't actually try to fill in the gaps. It's a brand new week, a short one at that, and the best I can do is recap and then press onward. I did manage to post my Tuesday Trivia last week, a bit late. Wednesday was a total bust, with a very superior episode of Lost taking nearly all my attention. How many shows with big ensemble casts would dare to add even more cast members into the mix? Lost did it, and did it quickly and succinctly. Then I fell asleep!

I started a new thing for Thursdays a week or so back: a post focusing on an advertisement that had caught my eye. I have another one for this week, but won't bother going back to fill in last week's. It's advertising, after all; it'll keep. There is, however, one weekly post that I truly hate to miss--my Friday Song. I love music, especially Country music. It's so much fun to write about something you feel passionate about, and hope to share with others. That's what I enjoy about that Friday post, and I gave serious consideration to going back in time to get last week's song posted. (It is, after all, pretty easy to back-date a post...) But I'm not going to do it. If today was only Saturday, and I was only a few hours late, that would be alright. But it's Monday evening now, and ABC's Monday Night Football will be starting in a half hour. Easy decision.

I'm not sure, without looking, what I might normally write about for either of the weekend days. I suppose if my beloved Buffalo Bills had "shown up" or "stepped up" or whatever "up" was needed yesterday in San Diego, then I would be crowing about their performance. Like I said last time, they don't have to win the game. They do have to be "in" the game at some point, which was never the case on Sunday afternoon. The Chargers scored five touchdowns before half-time. Our QB, J.P. Lossman this week, couldn't score five touchdowns in one game if his mother's life depended on it. Luckily, no one's mother's life depends upon J.P. throwing a touchdown pass.

So it's Monday night, and this is the post I usually devote to random mutterings or complaints. I've decided neither to mutter nor complain tonight. I'm going to relax, enjoy a football game, drink the rest of my rapidly cooling final cup of Tim Horton's coffee (shameless plug), and have a cookie. It's a holiday week, you know. Fair enough.

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