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view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

Rochester's Dome Arena RV SuperShow brings a hint of Spring to the Camping World - Free Admission!

by Jim Bessey, editor

PRESS RELEASE: 15th Annual Dome RV SuperShow runs Saturday, Jan 21 to Sun, Jan 30 -- two full weekends of camping fun!

15th Annual Dome RV Show
Some say that Spring is just around the corner, and the show to prove it is just down the road in Henrietta, NY. The Outdoor Store by Camping World hosts the big event, held in the renovated Dome Arena. Admission and parking are both free. There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and accommodations nearby for those who want to make it an all-day event.

About 200 new and used RVs will be on display, and available with deep pre-season discounts. Several area dealers will be represented. Low-rate financing is featured, and dealers claim they'll take "almost anything" in trade -- motorcycles, boats, cars, even used RVs! When we visited on Saturday, we saw quite a few deals in progress; always a good sign.

You'll see the complete range of campers, from Class-A motorhomes and fifth-wheels in the big dome to the newest innovations in pop-up and trailer technology in Minett Hall. Starcraft is promoting a couple-sized travel trailer for under $10K, or less than $90 a month (long-term financing). You can also register to win this model. The Thor brand shows a 23' 2011 Class-C Four Winds camper for about $50K, an often-difficult price-point to find in new RVs of that type. Outside in the cold, rows and rows of used rigs of all types await you.

Come for a leisurely stroll, or an intensive buying excursion. Bring your camera and/or your checkbook. The RV industry is cautiously recovering from the disastrous Great Recession (it ain't over yet), and there will be big bargains. Haggling welcomed, even encouraged. Refreshments available on-site.

For directions and lists of nearby accommodations, see the Dome's website.  Hours are Mon-Sat 10 am to 8 pm, Sunday 10 to 5 pm. On-site parking is much improved from previous years, and there's a nifty new Wegman's supermarket right next door, too.

  2695 E. Henrietta Road
  Henrietta, NY  14467

Hope to see you there!
We stopped over midday Saturday, and took some pictures to share later. The Dome's just down the road from home, and is also the site for WBEE's twice-yearly Guitars and Stars Shows, which we love. We aren't in the market this year, but we sure do love to look at all the shiny new RVs. Nice that admission is free, too. It's cold and snowy here in Rochester, but nice and toasty inside the Dome. Great show!


  1. Sounds like a great time. Have fun, Jim, and tell us all about the guitars and stars and I assume the music which should come with all that!

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    i went there looking for a trailer and there were alot of people there..we also heard of a show at the mall but too many kids running around..ended up at Ballantyne and found the perfect RV for us.. the Sales woman was professional, not pushy and very knowledgable...No surprises at financing time.. can't wait for April...

  3. Good point, Anon -- we noticed that Johnson RV's show at the Greece Ridge Mall and Ballantyne's pre-season sale were going on at the same time, same end-date.
    I suppose, in the end, "it's all good" -- if the dealers are still in business and we campers are still able to upgrade, then things are looking up.
    Here, near Victor, we lost my favorite little family RV dealer, I believe it was called Coleman Family RV Center; now "For Lease." I miss those folks over there -- they were always friendly and helpful.

  4. Glory, the Guitars and Stars Show is held at the Dome twice each year. It's sponsored by WBEE and several others, all to benefit the Ronald MacDonald House for families of hospitalized kids.
    Each show features 5 to 7 national recording artists who bring their voices, their guitars, and perhaps a back-up singer or musician. They play round-robin style, talking and socializing like reg'lar folk. These shows always sell out, and they're always wonderful.

  5. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Found a great deal at the mall on a Jayco...Camping world tried to pass off their Starcraft line as Starcraft by Jayco...They were built in the same plant for a few months but now Starcraft is back on their own in their old plant, they only carry a one year war. Unlike the Jayco's 2 year, and they don't have the levels of upgrade as the Jayco line... the amazing thing is they tried to sell it to us as a Jayco .they showed a greater discount from MSRP but all of the units we could compare to the Jayco's were up to 7,000 higher than Johnston's Jaycos!!! Johnston had actual MSRP sheets, and all of camping worlds were printed on their own letter head....So they jacked up the Starcraft Retail to make people think they were getting a better deal... Dosent make sence.less war, less product.. Higher retail???? Don't want to do business with a dealer like this... I'm very happy with our 2nd Johnston Rv...

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