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view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

We hike Powder Mills Park trails: Trillium, Ridge, and the Hatchery Trail (photos!)

by Jim Bessey, editor

Before the leaves began to fall, we took a good long afternoon hike in Powder Mills Park, near Victor NY. Trails there range from easy to more than moderate, passing through beautiful stands of northern hardwoods and evergreens. 

The park includes nearly 400 acres of forested hills and green meadows. There's room for picnics, ballgames, and group gatherings in widely scattered shelters. Don't miss the Fish Hatchery or the amazing Mushroom House near the northeast entrance off Route 96.

The Trillium Trail is perfect for a weekend walk in the woods
We started out from the East Area shelter lot at the Trillium trail-head. It's a level stroll along the wetlands, along a steep hillside filled with towering maple, beech, white oak and sassafras. Trillium forms a loop with Ridge, so we veered uphill right away and climbed onto the Ridge Trail.

The Ridge Trail is a good climb through stands of oak, sassafras and maple
The Ridge follows atop a steep slope that leads down to the Trillium trail
Nick conquers a fallen tree above the big Ridge drop-off
Wetlands border the lower Trillium section, with branch trails leading in
At the eastern end, the Ridge Trail ends and hikers can descend to rejoin the Trillium for the trip back to the parking lot. We took a couple of side trips into the wetlands alongside. This is a view from one of the wooden bridges leading across the marsh.

The Ridge/Trillium loop made a fine one-mile hike that left us warmed-up for more. So we backtracked to the Fish Hatchery and trekked into the hilly woods north of Park Road there.

The Hatchery's blue loop wanders among a mixture of young and old trees
Sometimes it's tough to locate the trail among the twisted trees there
Looking up, from the trail, at the grandeur above

After struggling to find our way among the confusing blue blazes of the Hatchery loop, we'd had enough of the Powder Mills' woods for one weekend. It's a gorgeous park with several more miles of trails for us to discover ... on another day.

Up next, we tackle a lovely trail that begins just over a mile from our front door.
All photos copyright 2010 - Jim Bessey. Reprints provided with attribution.
Have you found a great hike in your area? Contact me here if you'd like to post pics and commentary.
NOTE: I've been remiss in announcing our Motorola Give-Away winner. I'll make that announcement later on this weekend. Thanks to everyone who entered, for your patience!


  1. Great pictures, Jim! You know I love trees and would love to go there. Exactly how steep is the Hatchery trail??? Looks like some hiking trails Tommy's taken me to saying, "Oh, it not bad. You can make it!" Most times, I'm certain he's trying to kill me!

  2. The Hatchery ("blue loop") was tricky and oddly marked. We ended up waaay off course, as evidenced by the stern NO TRESPASSING signs we encountered after a steep descent, which of course led to an equally steep ascent in retreat. All in all, it was a great and adventurous trail, with a huge variety of fauna, big fun!

  3. For a decent map of Powder Mills, look at www.powdermillspark.com

    Aside from the colors that the county changed on some markers this year, it is accurate. I will get an updated map up someday soon!

  4. Thanks, Gary! Yes, the colors can be confusing, but the terrain is spectacular, regardless. Heck, getting lost was half the fun! Thanks for dropping by.