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Rv.net blog -- Take the RV Trivia Challenge: On the Road Knowledge

Recently, from the RV.net blog:
A big ol' RV ready for the road. Financing available!  :-)
Posted: 05 Aug 2010 08:00 AM PDT
  The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No 13 will test your on-the-road knowledge .

 Keep in mind, this is not an I.Q. test, it is a trivia requiring some guess work.  So, get a pencil and paper to record your answers.  When you have completed the 10 questions and scored your answers, please post your results [...]

    Take the RV Trivia Challenge
I love Challenges! Sometimes pulling my old Shasta camper is a challenge. I've added tips for towing safety on the road in this recent post. Leave a Comment here if you took the Challenge, above. Thanks!

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