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Humorous camping adventures: The Pastor and the Bear

by Lenora Moore guest author

[Editor's note - Lenora is a teacher, mom, pet owner, and writer at Helium.com]

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Pastor Larry loved to camp.  For a needed rest, he and five other men from the small town church drove to the campsite in his pickup truck with a cab over camper.  They all loved to sleep out of doors, so they set up tents and used the camper for dry food storage and refrigeration.  The campfire was the cook stove.  They were all experienced campers and hunters, but this trip was the town joke for many years.

Pastor Larry was an easy going outdoorsman with a good sense of humor.  He had one character flaw the campers could not understand; he could not tolerate dogs.  One of the five men brought along Duke, his big black Labrador retriever.  Generally they always brought along one dog for safety in the back country, but this dog especially aggravated Pastor Larry.  For some unknown reason, Duke had taken a shining to the old preacher.

When it was time to go fishing, you would think Duke would follow his master. No, he raced ahead of Pastor Larry to the fishing hole and jumped in to take a swim!  Well that fishing hole was spoiled for the day.  Pastor Larry shook his head and looked for another deep hole.  Duke happily trotted along with him, pausing only long enough to shake water all over his companion.  When the breakfast trout were caught, Pastor Larry joined the others around the campfire to fry up the morning's catch.  The smell of food, the crackling, cheerful fire, and the men’s good natured kidding lightened the atmosphere.  So Pastor Larry decided to forget about Duke’s early morning swim.  One dog would not spoil this trip! 

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Reprinted by permission from Lenora Moore, copyright 2010. Read Lenora's profile at Helium.com
Photo by ajruck at Flicker.com
Does Duke ruin the Pastor's camping outing? Be sure to read the rest of Lenora's story to find out.

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