"We like camping better!" --Raymond Alexander Kukkee

view of the north shore Critter Pond, KOA Canandaigua NY [c] 2009 jcb

Our camping trip at the Dansville Balloon Fest - Preview

Hot air balloon launch at Dansville Sunday afternoon 9-6-09
In all, nearly 50 hot air balloons launched on Sunday, September 6 for the traditional Labor Day New York Festival of Balloons at Dansville, NY.

We camped for the weekend at nearby Skybrook Campground, and saw an earlier launch pass overhead on Saturday evening. Sunday, we attended the festival and took nearly 100 pictures. I'll return to share more with you later this week.

all photos copyright 2009 - reprints available by permission

Stay tuned for pictures of The Purple People Eater, Turtle-Turtle, Big Red Barn and much more.

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