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4 Ways to Quickly Lose Blog Readers

Reprinted from the original guest posting by Jim Bessey

February 18, 2009 · Robust Writing

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Jim Bessey, who writes the Kitchens & Baths by D'Zyne blog: the online worksite home for D'Zyne Construction. You can learn more about Jim on his Helium page.]

guest post on Robust Writing The Internet is filled with advice for better blog writing. Robust Writing is just one fine example of the thousands of sources for blogging tips. If you take the best advice and mix it with creativity and effort, you just might attract an audience. Some of you, however, might prefer the freedom you enjoy by blogging in obscurity, unencumbered by bothersome comments from pesky readers.

As a veteran blogger, I’ve learned from experience and keen observation exactly how to get rid of those annoying readers. I can’t guarantee your success in this quest. These techniques require practice and patience.

You may want to experiment with just one or two in combination; using all four approaches at once might be too obvious and attract numerous comments. Let’s have a look at four proven methods you can use to achieve Internet Independence from blog readers... Read more...

Reprinted from the original hosted by Jesse Hines, of Robust Writing.
Copyright 2009 Jim Bessey - all rights reserved.

My sincere thanks to Jesse Hines, of Robust Writing - for the invitation and for sharing his valuable writing advice space with me for a day.

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