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Product reviews: Bin Buddies® , "camp organized"!

Even campers can be organized.

by Molly O'Shea guest writer

[Editor's note - Molly is a freelance writer, versatile country girl, and channel steward at Helium.com]

Bin Buddies make packing for camping simpleWhen I go camping, I'm often surprised at the last minute. "Hey, you want to go camping this weekend?"

"Sure. When are we leaving?"

"In an hour or two. OK?"

So I pile everything into a storage bin, put on the lid and haul it outside, only to have it jostled and rearranged on the road trip.

We reach our campsite and I can't find a thing. We need to start the campfire, but can't find the matches. I know they're in the storage bin, but now they seem to have disappeared. Just like magic… gone.

We dig and dig, but with every piece and parcel moved, something else falls to the bottom. Finally we give up and just dump the entire thing upside down on the ground, only to glimpse the matches as they, again, slide to the bottom of the pile.

Now, there is a solution to that problem! Enter the Bin Buddies® storage bin organizer, made by PacEasy. Yes, this is an actual organizer that fits inside a storage bin. Made of sturdy nylon, it slips over the top of the bin, fits down inside and fastens on the outside. The bin lid still snaps closed, and all of those small, easily lost items can be placed in the pockets, safe from disappearing into the depths of the bin.

organized camping storage made simple with Bin BuddiesComing in a variety of sizes, Bin Buddies® will fit bins from 3 gallons on up to 25 gallons. Completely washable, they come in the colors of black, hunter green or royal blue. Most of them have open top storage pockets, although some do have elastic around the top. At the reasonable price of $15 to $28, I plan on having a collection.

By keeping my camping supplies in a Bin Buddies® organizer, I can be ready with less fuss and packing next time I am surprised with a weekend in the woods. My closets and storage room are much easier to navigate, now too, since I've exchanged my lack of organization for a few Bin Buddies®. I can walk in and reach right for that small paintbrush or extra flashlight, instead of digging in the bottom of some big bin.

The Bin Buddies® storage bin organizer is one of the best things I've found in a long time. It can be used to store almost anything, without losing any of the valuable space in your bin. I plan on having many, now that I've discovered them.

copyright 2008 - all rights reserved, Molly O'Shea for Just Camping Out

Gretchen Frankenstein, co-founder of PacEasy, remarks:

"With a BIN BUDDIES® storage bin organizer, you won’t have to share spoons any more because the little stuff won’t get lost in the big stuff. Better yet, you can quickly check to make sure you have everything before you go just by taking the lid off the bin. No more surprises." [~Jim]

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  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Do they make Bin Buddies for a woman's purse? If so, I'll take one in black! Great article, Molly, and a super gift idea.